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Lower Body Exercises (Geri Waza)

Opening Exercises

1a- Legs together, knees locked, toes curled up,  hands on hips - touch toes
   (Ashi no sujinobe)

1b-Spread legs, hands on lower back, bend back, exhale 5 times while stretching back

2- LH hold righ foot,
   RH push down on right knee,
   straighten leg
   switch sides
   (kata ashi sujinobe)

3 -Squat stretch, legs apart, arms out front,
   squat down on right side, left toes up
   switch sides
   (yoko-ni sujinobe)
   (Chudan gyak tsuki)

Basic Kicking Techniques

1 - Front snap kick to groin - FWD slow - REV fast
   (Mae geri)

2 - 45 degree blade kick to knee - FWD slow - REV fast with snap
   (Soba-geri or Sokuto-geri)

3 - FWD - Cross over heel stomp kick to knee -  REV - Cross over heel kick to thigh
   (Soba kon ate)

4 - Side blade kick to solar plexus or ribs - FWD slow REV fast
   (Yoko Geri)

5 - Front snap kick from neko-ashi dachi to side - FWD slow REV fast
   (Yoko soto geri)

6 - Squat to side - inverted roundhouse kick to groin
   (Otoshi geri)

7a - Heel thrust kick to solar plexus
   (Mae kon ate)

7b - Toe kick to solar plexus

8 - Thrusting knee smash to groin - FWD only
   (Hisa geri)

9 - Back kick to solar plexus - REV only
   (Ushiro geri)

Closing Exercises

1 - Push-ups
   (udetate fuse)

2 - Body twist
   (Zyunan taisho)

3 - Breathing exercise
   (Shin kokyu)

Other Optional Kicks

1 - Side thrust kick
   (Yoko kekomi geri)

2 - Roundhouse kick
   (Mawashi geri)

3 - Jumping double front kick
   (Tobi mae geri)

4 - Jumping side snap kick
   (Tobi yoko geri)

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